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Founded in 2016, experience sounds that you can almost touch, but can certianly feel, see and hear.  Feel true vibrations as you see the waves move through you.  Reach all new heights as your environment becomes a visual playground! Let the vibrations move through you in a full brain cortex sensation.  Wear, feel, and see the hidden world of sound.

Experience Sensations Together

Most of us have heard the word 'Anesthesia' which could be loosely defined as 'against sensation'.

"Syn-" Together, "-Esthesia" Sensations.  Mix your experience with everything you've got inside.  Make the most of your senses your born with and increase your sensations. Sound and Music mixed into a visual, tactile, auditory sensation.  

A new way to enjoy being human.


"The new world visual sensation experience."

— Postprandial Magazine

SynthWear Available Soon!



If we can cross sensations, we will find a way to teach you.  Humans can now step into a major visual/technical learning component of the mind, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern culture.  The true 6th sense is our own thoughts, and there is so much that can be experienced... However, thankfully, we have not found a scent or taste for a sound, but expect many more ways to learn your sensations...